Dr. Eva-Marie Katharina Hild BA lives and works in Vienna/Austria.

She is Physician, specialized in Psychosomatics, Psychotherapist for KIP, independent Art

Photographer, and has a BA in Theatre,- Film- and Media Studies.

Painting with the camera and telling a story has always been her vision.

Sight is characterized by our awareness and perception. She learned that from the

cinematographer, abstract painter and former teacher at the University of Applied Arts, 

Kurt Jetmar, since she could walk and talk.

In Summer 2009 she had been discovered and encouraged by Robert Redford and his NRDC team because of nature photos made in America, to perform that creative skill for submitting in artist work as an independent Art Photographer.

As a visual artist she is now a full member of the International Association of Art, a member of Bildrecht, Basis Wien, OVF, (Austrian Association of Photography), ESE-Photoclub and a supporting member of Sundance Institute.

Education in Art Photography:

2009-2010 Fotoschule.at/Wiener Fotoschule

2010-2011 photo education in arts "MAATartio"

2012-2013 The School Friedl Kubelka for Artistic Photography in Vienna

2013-2017 Theatre, Film- and Media Studies at the University Vienna and the University of Applied Arts in Vienna   BA 03/07/2017


Since 2009 she always participated successfully at the worldwide largest photo competitions:

Al-Thani Award 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, Trierenberg Supercircuit:2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, ISAP Indonesia Salon of Art Photography 2012, Photo Art Championship 2013,

Runner Up at the Artavita Online Contest  2015, 2016, Luxembourg Art Prize 2016

Artist in Residence by invitation of HEVALTI (Association of Austrian/Kurdish Friendship) for an international Group Exhibition from 4/11/2013-4/13/2013 at the Shanidar Park Gallery in Erbil Kurdistan

 Invitation by Sundance Institute for Sundance Institute Screenwriters Spotlight Workshop 7/8/2015-/15/7/2015

and upcoming Sundance Art&Craft of Screenwriting Workshop vom 7/18/2015.-8/17/2015

International Group Exhibition "Photography Now" in London/UK Brick Lane Gallery 08/05/2015-8/15/2015

As Runner Up of 16. Artavita Art Contest Participation at the Spectrum Art Basel-Art Miami/FL/USA vom 12/01/201515-12/06/2015

As a Runner Up of the 17. Artavita Art Contest Participation at the Art Expo New York Pier 94 from 


Participation with the International Gallery Steiner/Vienna at Red Dot Miami Art Basel-Art Miami/Fl/USA from 11/30/2016-12/04/2016

Member of Jury (together with Uli Gansert) at the first Color Festival in Vienna 12/01/2016-12/03/2016

Artist in Residence in frame the ICAA Festivals in Peru 9/21/2018-9/23/2018 in Trujillo /Peru and from 9/25/2018.-09/27/2018 in Lima/Peru

Virtual and Exhibition  2020/10/05-2020/10/30 in frame of the 26nd WCAA Festival in Seoul/South Korea at the Museum H, curated by Bosuk Lee/South Korea

09/2016 Eva-Marie Hild`s Artist Portfolio had been released at wwab (world wide artist books) in the book "Current Masters 2"

here is the link: https://issuu.com/despina2/docs/current_masters_2_by_world_wide_art   

Overview of national exhibitions

06/06/2012-07/03/2012 together with Kurt Blenz (+2019) at the Photogallery ZEBRA 

06/20/2012-06/21/2012 by Invitation of  Hevalti Group Exhibition "Facing Friendship 3" at the WUK 

06/08.2013/06/09/2013 Participation at the 1st Photobookfestival in Vienna at the former Ankerbrotfabrik

09/18/2013-09/28/20 Exhibiton of the Artist School Friedl Kubelka Galerie-Raum-mit-Licht "Seitenverhältnisse"  13 curated by Käthe Hager von Strobele

11/04/2015-12/03/2015 In frame of the Month of Photography Group Exhibition "Retro" Gallery Zebra

06/09/2016-07/082016Solo Exhibition at the Gallery Zebra "An manchen Tagen ist der Himmel blauer" 

07/20/2016-08/13/2016 Solo Exhibition at the international Gallery Steiner "storytelling"

11/03/2016-12/01/2016 in frame of Month of Photography 11/2016 Solo Exhibition: "Geschichten in Bilder gegossen" Atelier El-Kordy and

1.11.2017-30.11.2017 and in frame of Month of Photography Solo Exhibition: " Licht und Kraftlinien" Atelier El-Kordy     11/17/2017 and  01/18/2018/ -11/17/2018  Group Exhibition Justizzentrum "Kunst zu Recht"       

03/03/2019 Photo Group Exhibition "Europa" Art Gallery Vienna curated by Jasmin K. Minou

05/21/2019-06/02/2019 Photo Group Exhibition "Traumbilder-Bilder im Traum"  Art Gallery Vienna curated by Jasmin K. Minou

06/11/2019-06/28/2019 In  frame of  the "Wiener Festwochen" Group Exhibition at the Amtshaus Wieden "Was darf und was soll Kunst" curated by Gabriele Baumgartnr 

06/25/2019-07/27/2019 Group Exhibition Kunstschaffen: "La Vie en Rose", Art Gallery Vienna   

08/29/2019-09/24/2019 curated Group Exhibiton "Faces of Europe" at the Amtshaus Margareten            

10/01/2019-10/20/2019 Solo Exhibition at Art Gallery/Art Hotel "Perception - Thinking outside the Box"

10/07/2019-10/13/2019 Gallery Opening with the Photo Group Exhibition "Kontraste" at the new founded Gallery Eisenwaren Kamp curated by Christina Millasin

11/03/2019-11/17/2019 "All in Red" Art Gallery by Kunstschaffen curated by Eva Maria Wais

12/3/2019-1/12/2020 Network Exhibition "Highlights" Art Gallery/Art Hotel by Kunstschaffen

01/17/2020-02/16/2020 " Portrait as a soul picture" Photo Group Exhibition Art Gallery by Kunstschaffen curated by Jasmin K. Minou

02/21/2020-03/08/2020 "Monochrome" curated by Eva Maria Wais 

06/09/2020-06/27/2020 "Art around the World" curated Group Exhibition at the Art Gallery Vienna by Kunstschaffen

2020/10/06-10/18/2020 "Abstract Positions" curated Group Exhibition at the Art Gallery Vienna by Kunstschaffen

07/10/2020-08/07/2020 "In the heat of the night" Network Group Exhibition at the Art Gallery by Kunstschaffen

2020/08/12-/2020/08/23: "Shadow Plays" curated by Eva Maria Wais  Group Exhibition  by Kunstschaffen

11/30/2020 "Still life" curated by Kurt Waldhüter /Kunstschaffen closed too early because of the second lockdown


As Physician:

Graduation 04/30/1990

1991 after "Desert Storm"  UNO Mission UNAFHIR (Austrian Field Hospital in Iran) treating kurdish people ,


who left all their belongings and fled above the Mountains from Iraq to Iran, afterwords for several years


member of "Ärzte ohne Grenzen" (Nobelpreis 1999) For this Merit of  Humanity she got honoured by Medical


Association 2006 and  by HEVALTI 2012.